Jet Engines: Five Things You Should Know

Imagine being in a jet as it runs along the runway. The jet stops momentarily. Then the engines make a loud noise and the jet starts moving again quickly accelerating. Soon, the jet leaves the ground and soars above the clouds. This wholes process is made possible by the jet’s powerful engines. People who work in aircraft maintenance would tell you that jet engines are fascinating, to say the least. But what is it that makes these engines such an interesting phenomenon?


Engines power


A jet engine has tremendous power. This power can be equated to 28 racing cars from Formula-1. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Toronto aircraft maintenance crews love them. It is so impressive that you cannot help but want to work in environments where you see them in their grandeur.


Aircraft maintenance is mandatory


Some people buy cars and for months on end make no trip to the garage. When you buy a jet, you don’t choose how often you service it. By law, the jet must be inspected and modified regularly. So, unlike your vehicle whose maintenance recommendations you probably hardly ever adhere to, when you buy a jet, you must be ready to regularly seek out aircraft maintenance services in Toronto and GTA. Airworthiness authorities are obligated by Canada law to make sure that only jets that have undergone proper maintenance can fly the Canadian skies. In Toronto aircraft maintenance, the kind of maintenance employed is determined based on the number of hours the jet has flown as well as the flight cycles.


Assembling and disassembling jet engines


Most aircraft carriers have their own maintenance division which is responsible for most or all maintenance tasks for the company’s planes. Some companies also keep reserve engines that replace those that need maintenance. This way, the downtime of each jet is significantly reduced. Engine replacement usually takes 24 hours, sometimes less. Toronto aircraft maintenance takes place in engine shops. Broken or worn-out parts are repaired or replaced with new ones. The whole maintenance process takes five to six weeks.


The cost of buying a jet engine


The cost of buying a jet engine can be as low as $12 million and as high as $35 million. It is extremely hard to come up with an average figure because there are many types of jet engines and their prices can vary immensely. Moreover, the cost of all the engines in a jet is incorporated when a jet is being sold. Not many engine-only purchases exist.


When will your jet’s engines need servicing?


Minor and major Toronto aircraft maintenance tasks are scheduled for jet engines after several flight cycles. The flight cycles that a jet engine can record before heading to the engine shop is determined based on the type of engine. Most jet engines are usually taken for minor maintenance after recording flight cycles not exceeding 400. For many planes, major maintenance is done after around 7000 flight cycles.